Paris Hilton walked out of a GMA interview hot photos

A few days ago, it is useless idiot cokehead was an interview with Good Morning America, offended.
Paris Hilton
in her thong ABC correspondent Dan Harris disorders asked about their insignificance in Paris, citing Kardashians "fame is an example of how Paris was in the shadow of famewhore game.

Paris Hilton walked out of a GMA interview wallpapers

Paris was behind the camera (his publicist, so it seems) and then put in Huff, who have temporarily left the interview. She later returned and finished the segment. TooFab said Paris was now complaining of it, and she thinks she was "ambushed." In seriously.

Paris Hilton walked out of a GMA interview Photoshoot images

Paris Hilton ABC correspondent Dan Harris, and broadcast "Good Morning America" ​​interview that went wrong, a source close to the situation told TooFab very excited.

30-year-old star of reality show had to be removed, because Harris agreed deviations from the (very bad) about the persecution, the source said.

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A source says Hilton invited Harris and his team to his house to discuss the recent spate of celebrity stalking. Estimated stalker Hilton, James Rainford, was recently arrested and charged with assault on her boyfriend in April and Cy Waits harass near his home in July.

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"Do you worry sometimes that the people who were in their footsteps, Kim Kardashian, that dwarf?" Harris asked.

He replied: "No, absolutely not," Hilton.

"You have to worry about the presentation of your time?" Harris went on, mocked and sound at this point and Hilton left his chair.

Paris Hilton walked out of a GMA interview  stills

One source said some of the issues raised by the Hilton, since only a few minutes ago, Harris was and is a success (a $ 1 billion) of your line of fragrances and went into marketing. "It's funny that it was more than you earn one billion dollars, and then asks if appropriate," the source added. "She's excited. He felt attacked."

The source added that the new Hilton in an interview with ABC told him to cut the part where she's gone, but did not. The source also said Hilton appears that Harris did just to advertise itself, which has now been reached will receive.

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[In Too Fab]

Exactly. Ridiculous. Paris Hilton makes a sit-down interview (which is garbage for a living!) As has been shown the war, and she tried to show the reality, otherwise no one cares to promote. Just as it gets more attention, is the arrest, the connection to an underage person, stupid or completely (see this post). Instead, wise enough to say, "Well, I think my conversation several successful business interests to yourself," showed in Parisand you all know it really does not matter, and she knows it .

By the way, do you like what Paris calls famewhore Dan Harris? This is what it says - "You know just because he asked me the question means!" They say a semi-decent journalist, for the love of God.

Paris Hilton walked out of a GMA interview